How To Advertise

How to Advertise on MotionU.

Want to promote an event? Sell a part? Tell the wheeled-vehicle community about a service you offer?

MotionU is the largest automotive-related event calendar in the world. Serving the 4th-largest industry in the United States, MotionU includes events for cars, motorcycles, trucks, parts, repairs, auto recycling, insurance, races of all types, and club events worldwide.

MotionU makes it easy for ANY organization or individual to advertise and promote their products/services based on MotionU Market Areas. In the United States alone, there are over 400 specific Market Areas that help put your ad precisely where you want it. If you want affordable local, regional, or national coverage using MotionU, we can target delivery with precision!

Small company? Car, motorcycle or truck club? Not-for-profit? Multinational organization? Just a guy who needs to sell your car? Let MotionU carry your message to the wheeled-vehicle masses.

Getting You and Your Ad Ready

You have to be a member! To buy an ad, you have to be a member. There’s no charge to become a member, but for MotionU to keep spammers, scammers, and robots out of our system, we do require you to provide some personal contact information.

Click here to become a member.

Ready your ad! If you (or someone you know) can upload pictures to Facebook or Pinterest, you can certainly load and prepare your own ad in MotionU. Posting ads is easiest via a computer, but you can also load advertisements from your phone or tablet.

At MotionU, you can store multiple ads and change ads while your ad is running using your "My Ads" icon. Simply click on it, select the ad you want to upload under the "Status" column, and begin the uploading process.

How MotionU Advertising Works

MotionU advertising isn’t hard: It’s intuitive! To learn more, we suggest you explore our "Purchase Ad" page. All you need to know is:

1) Where in the world you want to advertise 2) What page you want to advertise on 3) Where you want your ad placed on that page 4) What WEEK(S) you want to purchase

That’s it!

Afraid you’re going to "accidentally" buy something? It’s impossible! Nothing gets purchased until you enter a credit card number and press "Complete Checkout," so feel free to play around and see our super-competitive ad prices. Avoid pushy salespeople pressuring you to buy by doing it yourself. Of course, we are here to help if you need it, just call (866) 896-8679.

To experience the ease of selecting your own ads, go to: (PURCHASE AN AD) page now. Watch your price adjust as you choose different ads or time slots.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert. Play first, purchase second!

Ads Run for One (1) Week

Ads are always displayed/run for a single (1) week at a time (From Wed at 12:00 AM to Tue. at 11:59 PM). You can buy up to 26 weeks at a time as long as nobody has already purchased those ads.

All ads begin and end based upon the time zone that the specific Market Area is in (that is, if you have selected to advertise in the "New York City" Market Area, the ad will begin Wed., 12:00 AM EST and end Tue., 11:59 PM EST). The same is true for any time zone in the United States, Australia, India, France or England...anywhere on the planet where we offer ads.

When you have chosen your ad, select which week(s) you want your ad to run. Then "Lock in" your advertisement. Also, watch the clock! You can only shop until your clock runs out, though we allow you to extend your purchase time once for another 15 minutes.

Paying for Your Ad

If you are purchasing only a few ads, it’s best to select them yourself and purchase using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

For large purchases or multiple ads within multiple Market Areas, call (866) 896-8679 and one of our representatives will help you with your bulk ad purchase. If you need flexibility in payment, please talk directly with a customer service representative, and he or she will be happy to assist you.


For security purposes, we do NOT store credit card information during online transactions or when we take orders over the phone! We’ve handled online sales in our parent and sister companies since 1999, and use the highest industry and ethical standards to assure that your personal or business’ financial information remains secure at all times.

Graphics Help Available

If you require graphics help, call (866) 896-8679 for personal assistance. If it is a simple graphical issue, we are happy to help at no charge. If the workload is more sizeable, we will let you know what our graphics charge will be before you buy.

Yes, You May Change Your Ad Mid-Campaign

Sometimes, a campaign is one week. Or, you may have purchased the advertisement for half a year. Whatever the case, where you are in the campaign shouldn’t prevent you from making changes to your advertisement.

Simply repeat the advertising upload process for the ad you want to change (modify the picture, put in a different link, change the text, etc.), and when you hit submit, the ad will be resent to MotionU staff for approval. We try to approve ads as quickly as possible, but approvals sometimes may take up to 24 hours to review depending on load times, office hours and holidays.

All Ads are Reviewed Before Posting

MotionU staff reviews ALL ads pre-campaign. We do lean toward family and youth-friendly viewpoints, so nudity, vulgarity, or other inappropriate content may be declined. And, yes, we really do review EVERY advertisement (and event) before they are displayed to the public. Not sure your ad is appropriate? Call (866) 896-8679, and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss what the issue is and provide some creative options to assist you if necessary.

Since most ads go live at midnight on Wednesday, it’s best to purchase and upload your ad early. In your "My Ads" area, you can view the status of your ad. Submitting your ad early guarantees that your ad will be reviewed well before the time that your campaign begins. Here are the different ad status terms:

Live – The ad has been approved/posted and the campaign is live

Ready – The ad has been approved/posted and the ad is scheduled to display

Not Ready – The ad is not uploaded

Pending– The ad is uploaded, but has not yet been approved by a MotionU representative

Warning – The customers ad is not loaded and not being displayed while the campaign is live

Declined – The ad has been declined by a MotionU staff member because it contains content that has been deemed inappropriate

We have the right to cancel any ad, for any reason. Your money will be returned proportionate to how long the ad was displayed.

See Terms of Service for more details.

Pricing Varies

Depending on a variety of factors such as geography, ad type, times of year, and events currently taking place within certain market areas (MAs), pricing does fluctuate. You can become more comfortable with how our current pricing works and probably even find a deal or two by looking at our Purchase Ad page: (PURCHASE AN AD).